Schema App WordPress Deployment Overview

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If you're looking to integrate Schema App with your WordPress site, there are 3 different options available. For more information about Schema App's Plugins, including pricing, see our Schema App Plugins.


Basic WordPress Plugin

Schema App's basic WordPress Plugin is free and available to anyone. Once activated, it automatically creates markup for all pagespostsauthor and category content, leveraging information that already exists on the WordPress website. 

With this option, the plugin will automatically generate the following types of markup for these specific types of pages: 

For more information, see our installation guide, How To: Set Up the Schema App WordPress Plugin.

Advanced WordPress Plugin

If you want to expand on the default markup generated by our basic WordPress Plugin, you'll need a Schema App Pro subscription. Schema App Pro subscriptions include support from our experts in Schema Markup and access to the Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin.

The Advanced Plugin complements the basic WordPress Plugin by adding capabilities including:

  • WooCommerce Products
  • Link Category & Tag Definitions to Wikipedia, Wikidata
  • Custom Post & Field Mapping

For more information, see our installation guide, How To: Set Up the Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin.

Advanced WordPress Plugin + Schema App Highlighter

Schema App's Advanced WordPress Plugin allows you to customize markup at scale using Schema App's Highlighter templates. This tool is available to Enterprise users. 

For more information, see our installation guide, How To: Integrate the Highlighter with the Schema App Advanced WordPress Plugin.

Technical Design

Once the Schema App WordPress plugin has been activated—and markup has been authored through the Editor or Highlighter tools—custom markup should deploy to your site within 24 hours.

The following diagram provides a technical overview of WordPress deployment to explain why it can take some time to see new markup deployed to a page.

Note: We recommend downloading the image for a more detailed view.

Technical Design - Deployment Process

  • When the plugin loads, it checks for markup in the 'transient cache', a WordPress cache where we store markup at the page level
  • This transient cache is updated two ways:
    • 1. Via webhook (when an item is created/updated/deleted)
    • 2. When the page loads and the transient cache is empty, we fetch markup from our CDN
  • When either a webhook happens, or the plugin finds markup in the CDN, it caches it in the transient cache for 1 day
  • If the CDN has no markup, it stores an empty response in the transient cache for 7 days


Technical Design - Updates to Schema Markup

  • New markup is generated when a user loads a page, however that new markup is only displayed on the subsequent page load. This means you must load a page twice after editing in order to see the changes reflected in your markup.

  • If changes to your markup do not appear on a given page within 30 minutes, please clear the Transient Cache in the settings of the Schema App WordPress Plugin.
    Note: You must wait 30 minutes before clearing the Transient Cache

  • If webhooks are falling, it could take 7 days to clear the transient cache.

  • Verify whether you're using other caching plugins in WordPress or have your own CDN for caching pages, which can impact how quickly changes are being released.

  • If new markup isn't visible more than 24 hours after authoring:
    1. If using the Highlighter tool, confirm the Highlighter template is configured correctly (e.g. the template is set to "Published" and the page set is defined using the correct URL pattern or XPath)
    2.  Raise a support ticket as it's possible in rare cases that cache desync or another error has occurred.

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