Does the WordPress plugin automatically deploy my code after I save it?

Modified on Thu, 28 May 2020 at 10:36 AM

Yes, the Schema App WordPress plugin automatically deploys your code. The schema markup is immediately generated for each data item you change, as you edit it. In addition, each data item that refers to the one you're editing (dependent data items) are also regenerated as they would include the changed data.  The generation of schema markup is immediate processed for the primary data item, and dependent data is queued for processing over the next few minutes. 

As soon as the markup is generated, it is sent onward to the Wordpress site using a Webhook API. The Wordpress Plugin is designed to receive the updated schema markup and immediately update the Wordpress database for the Page URL for the data item (based on the @id). 

What happens if we don't see the markup coming through?

The first place to check would be their Wordpress site caching functionality. In some cases, these need to be cleared before you see the data. 

I've cleared the cache but still don't see the data, now what?

The Schema App Wordpress plugin, comes with a debug functionality that we can use to diagnose further. Debug tab provides two sets of information regarding markup cache:

  1. List all Transient Cache currently valid along with its expiry date
  2. Show log file of incoming webhooks requests which provides vital information about graph, permalink, Transient Id, etc.

Debug feature can be modified by following these steps:

  1. Append &debug to the plugin settings page url -  

    The url should follow a structure similar to this:

  2. Enable or disable Debugging setting under Other Schema Options -> Debugging
  3. To access the debug text, the "Enable Debug Functionality" needs to be toggled on and the text will be found within the debug tab.

If after this, you still are unsure, contact the Support team and provide them with an Admin User to diagnose the root cause. 

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