If you're using the Editor to create custom markup for your WordPress site, it should overwrite any default markup generated by the Schema App WordPress plugin. If your markup is not deploying, go through the following steps before contacting support@schemaapp.com

How to troubleshoot custom markup deployment on WordPress

Step 1: Ensure you've added the correct Account ID to the Schema App plugin settings

  • You can find your Account ID by logging into Schema App, and selecting "Integrations" from the menu on the left. Then, find the "WordPress" tile and click "Learn More". This will provide you with step-by-step instructions and the proper Account ID to enter into the plugin's settings.

Step 2: Ensure the URI of your data item matches the URL of the page

  • When you create a data item, the Editor will ask you to insert a URI. This informs the Editor of where the markup should be deployed. Copy and paste in the URL of the page you're creating markup for to ensure it deploys to the correct place.

Step 3: Ensure markup is not disabled

  • Within your WordPress account, scroll to the Schema App Structured Data dialogue box at the bottom of the affected page or post. Ensure the "Disable Schema Markup" box is not selected.

If your markup still isn't deploying after completing these steps, contact us at support@schemaapp.com so we can troubleshoot further.