I have integrated with Schema App's tools. Why isn't my markup deploying?

Modified on Wed, 19 Jul 2023 at 01:39 PM

Once you've set up your integration and authored your Schema Markup, it will begin deploying to your website. However, if you've completed your integration and authoring, and are still unable to see Schema Markup on the pages when using the Schema Validator, Rich Result Test, or Google Search Console, it may be due to the following.

Cookie modals can prevent Google from being able to render or read the content of a page's HTML. As a result, the Schema Markup embedded in the HTML will not be able to be read.

To confirm whether Cookie modals are the issue:

  1. Run a page through the Rich Results Test
  2. Click "View Tested Page"
  3. Select the Screenshot tab
  4. Confirm whether a cookie modal is visible.
  5. If a cookie modal is visible, you'll need to disable this cookie check for search engines so they can crawl the site.

2. Blocked Scripts in robots.txt (JavaScript Integrations)

If the GoogleBot is blocked in your robots.txt configuration, this can cause some scripts to fail to load. If those scripts involve the insertion of Schema App's highlight.js script (for the JavaScript integration), this will prevent our scripts from firing. 

To confirm whether blocked scripts are the issue:

  1. Run a page through the Rich Results Test
  2. Click "View Tested Page"
  3. Select the "More Info tab" and click "Page resources"

  4. Look for any resources that may have been blocked

In this example image, the connect.js script handled the insertion of various Google Tag Manager tags (including the tag that would insert Schema App's highlight.js into the HTML).

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