Considerations to Ensure Successful Indexing when using JavaScript and a Tag Manager to Deploy Markup

Modified on Thu, 20 Jun at 7:58 AM

The Schema App JavaScript integration method loads schema markup on the page as your content is displayed in the browser. If you are using the Highlighter and standard JS deployment, your markup will be generated as the page loads. If you want Google to use your markup, it must be indexed successfully.

Consider the following list of suggestions to ensure Google can successfully index your markup. They address common concerns such as site speed, tag timing, and GoogleBot permissions.

  1. Audit your site speed

    • If your site has speed issues, there’s a chance GoogleBot won’t see your schema markup. 

    • To test your site speed, run it through Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights.

    • JavaScript execution time should be less than 3.5 seconds.

  2. Perform a Webpage Test 

    • The Waterfall portion of this test shows the order in which tags are executed on a page as it loads.

    • This can help you identify if the Schema App tag should be moved earlier in the queue (tag priority or rule ordering).

  3. Google Tag Manager - Ensure tag priority is set to 100.

    • Tags with higher values will fire before those with lower values.

    • In Google Tag Manager, you can control tag firing prioritization in the Advanced Settings of a tag.

  4. Adobe Launch - Ensure rule ordering is below 50

    • Rules with lower values will fire before those with lower values.

    • In Adobe Launch, edit your rule component and give it a number lower than 50 (40 for example) to ensure it runs before other rules. All rules have a default value of 50.

  5. Switch to the Crawler deployment method (for Highlighter templates)

    • With the Crawler, Schema is pulled from the Schema App cache and rendered server-side

    • Overhead on the page is very low, but the schema markup will only be as current as the last crawl.

    • The crawler runs every 7 days, so this is a good option if the content on your site doesn’t change frequently.

  • Confirm the tag is not blocked by robots.txt
  • Do not block loading of Schema App scripts behind a cookies modal
    • Schema App's JavaScript does not use cookies.
    • Googlebot will not click through the modal, it only scrapes for links see here therefore scripts will not be loaded.
    • Scripts need to be loaded as soon as possible for them to evaluate and generate markup

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