SPA Aggregate Level dashboard Description

Modified on Thu, 1 Jun, 2023 at 1:58 PM

The schema performance analytics dashboard is interactive with several parameters and filter capabilities. There are three main tabs in the dashboard as shown in the image below.

  1. Overview
  2. Time Period Comparison
  3. Business Review 


The Overview tab has the flexibility to choose among a list of options and explore the summary of all available data dimensions in a set of visualizations. The available options for filtering include:

  • Date
    Start Date and End Date can be selected, along with date intervals (Day, Month, Quarter, etc.).

  • Search type
    The type of content being reported on, as reflect in Google Search Console.

  • Page Categories
    The source of the markup in Schema App. The categories reflect the labels of all deploying templates. Note that Editor and Google Merchant Center have their own comprehensive categories. "Pages without Schema App Markup" reflects pages not receiving markup from Schema App. 

  • Search appearance
    Rich results as they are categorized in Google Search Console. "No Rich Results" reflects pages that are not receiving rich results.

  • Brand query
    In the initial setup of Schema Performance Analytics, you must list any branded term that shows up common queries. This populates the Brand Query reporting, where "Branded" reflects the performance of queries that contain any of the branded terms, "NonBranded" reflects the performance of queries that do not contain any of the branded terms, and "All_Queries" is comprehensive.


The multiple selection and drop-down lists show the relative options based on the previously selected option. For example, if the "web" Search Type is selected, then the only options for Page Categories will be those deploying to "web" content.

Time Period Comparisons

The Time Period Comparisons tab provides comparison of month over month (MoM), quarter over quarter (QoQ) and year over year (YoY) data. A user can select one or more years, and one or more search types. 

Business Review

The Business Review tab compares growth rate of two custom time periods and provides insights in detail about seasonality and periodicity. The performance dataset of clients is refreshed daily to load the latest results in the dashboard. 


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