In SPA, performance is based on three data dimension

  1. Clicks
  2. Impressions
  3. CTR (Clicks Through Rate)

These dimensions can be explored in detail by applying a set of filters as described below 

  • Date:  filters information based on the boundary of start and end date

  • Search Type:  filters information based on web, video, and image

  • Page Categories: filters the scope of information such as highlight templates, editor, and even a section of a website where no schema markups are deployed. 

  • Search Appearance: filters information based on search appearances offered by google search console in addition to enhanced capability of the dashboard such as "All feature" and "No Rich Results".

  • Brand Query: filters information based on query strings that users searched for on Google by categorizing them as Branded and NonBranded. The list of branded terms can be updated by contacting the