How To: Prepend and Append in the Highlighter

Modified on Mon, 03 Apr 2023 at 11:43 AM

Prepend and Append are two modifiers that can add to a property value in the Highlighter. These modifiers can be considered the opposite of a filter (they add rather than remove content). You specify the value you want to prepend (add before) or append (add after) to the result of your highlight. This allows you to add units or complete a relative URL. 

Resources Required

  • Schema App Highlighter
  • Existing Highlighter Template


Step 1: Create a Highlight

  • Create a Highlight by selecting an element on the page, adding a fixed property, or adding an XPath.

Step 2: Select a Modifier

  • Once you've applied a Highlight, click the "Advanced" drop-down, and select "Add Modifier".
  • From the Modifier options, select "Prepend" or "Append"

Step 3: Provide a Value

  • Enter the value you'd like to prepend or append to the highlighted content.
  • If available, confirm the value has been prepended/appended to the Highlight.
  • Click "Save".

Step 4: Verify

  • Once the markup has deployed, confirm the content appears as expected in the Schema Markup.

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