SPA Use Case: Impact of Rich Results

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This use case guides a user through uncovering the impact of Rich Results (aka Search Features) on overall website performance. 


Since Schema markup has been added to your website, you have wondered how much of an impact Rich Results have had or continue to have on organic traffic in terms of Clicks and Impressions. 


  • Pages on your site are eligible for Rich Results.


Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Click on Reporting on the side menu.

Step 3: Click on Performance Analytics.

Step 4: Click on Page Level Reports.

Step 5: In the Overview tab, under Search Features, look for: Search Features: Total Clicks and Search Features: Total Impressions.

These are the clicks and impressions directly attributed to Rich Results.

Step 6: In the Overview tab, under Total no. of URLs, look for Total Clicks and Total Impressions. These are the clicks and impressions for all pages, including those with Rich Results.

Step 7: Repeat Step 5 for the time periods you wish to compare e.g. (Jan - March, April - June) using the Controls at the top of the dashboard. 

Step 8: Next, calculate the percentage of metrics attributed to Rich Results: 

  • Search Features Clicks / Total Clicks.

  • Search Features Impressions / Total Clicks





% Clicks from Rich Results

(201.41K / 562.48K)*100
= 35%

(183.09K / 453.54K)*100
= 40%

% Impressions from Rich Results

(2.67M / 20.35M)*100
= 13%

(3.46M / 17.11M)*100
= 20%

Total Clicks 



Total Impressions 




In the above example, the data shows that there has been quarter over quarter growth with the inclusion of structured data. It also shows that Rich Results have contributed to an increasing number of Clicks and Impressions.

Next Steps

The above can also be used to show the impact of Schema App’s contribution as a whole. 
Substitute the metrics in Step 5. by replacing Search Features: Total Clicks and Search Features: Total Impressions with Search Features: Schema App Clicks and Search Features: Schema App Impressions.

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