With Schema App Advanced Plugin, you can map Custom Post Types to any Schema.org Type for all your custom posts.

  • If you’ve already setup your Custom Post types, such as Recipes, News or People, then setup the mapping with the Schema App Settings and you will immediately start produce those schema.org data items for every individual custom post.
  • If you’re planning to create a new group of posts, and want Schema Markup, then this is an easy way for both you and the content producers to work together.

To build on Schema App’s custom posts, use the popular Advanced Custom Fields to map to schema.org properties. The Advanced WordPress Plugin supports any Custom Posts and its supports both the Free (v4) and Pro (v5) versions of the ACF plugin.

For more information about implementing ACF, see the Custom Fields WordPress article or the Advanced Custom Fields FAQ's.

Step 1: From within WordPress admin, select Settings > Schema App

Step 2: Go to the "Custom Posts" tab. Find the Custom Type you want to map to, and enter the name of the Schema.org type. In this case, we've added https://schema.org/Article to the "post_resources" Custom Type, which is truncated to "Article"


Step 3: Go to Custom Fields > Field Groups

Step 4: In the field group editor, you can set the schema.org property.  A typical schema property input might be “sameAs” or “cookTime”, to automatically include these values in the custom post type markup.