How To: Automate Entity Linking in WordPress

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Support your site's semantic SEO by mapping WordPress Categories and Tags to existing Wiki entities using Schema App's Advanced WordPress plugin. Categories will be mapped to your automated BlogPosting Schema Markup using the about property, and Tags will be mapped using the mentions property. 

Resources Required


Step 1: Start Wiki Lookup

  • Within WordPress admin, navigate to Settings > Schema App.
  • Select the "Linked Data" tab.
  • Under "Category Summary" and "Tag Summary", click "Start Wiki Lookup" to begin mapping these terms to entities in Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Step 2: Confirm Mapped Entities

  • Once the Wiki Lookup is complete, the results will be listed below. Some entities may be missing results from Wikipedia, WikiData, or both.
  • To modify the results for a Category or Tag, click "Edit". This will take you to the associated Category or Tag in WordPress.

    Note: Wikipedia and Wikidata results will only appear in this list view the first time "Start Wiki Lookup" is run. Once run, URIs can still be modified by clicking the edit button.

  • Scroll down until you find the "Same as" information that's missing a URI. In this example, the term "AI search engine" isn't providing a WikiData match.

  • Replace the Search Term with a more generic term, then click "Search WikiData". In this example, we'll replace the Search Term with "Generative AI".
  • Select the desired entity from the list of "Search Results". The associated URI will be added under the "Search Term".

Step 3: Confirm Entities Appear in your Schema Markup

  • Run the URL of a post with Categories and/or Tags through the Schema Markup Validator. Look for the BlogPosting or Article markup.
  • Confirm that mapped Categories show up under the about property.
  • Confirm that mapped Tags show up under the mentions property.

Step 4: Confirm the Health of all Tags and Categories

  • From WordPress Admin, navigate to Posts > Categories or Posts > Tags.
  • Check the health of the term in the "Wiki" column. 
    • Green means the term has been mapped to both Wikipedia and WikiData.
    • Yellow means the term has only been mapped to one external entity.
    • Red means the term hasn't been mapped to any external entities.

Note: These entities will only be added to autogenerated markup from the WordPress plugin. 

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