In order to deploy markup, do I need anything other than Schema App scripts on all pages?

Modified on Mon, 03 Jun 2024 at 12:50 PM

We want integration to be as simple as possible for you. If you are integrating with Schema App using scripts, add them according to the support documentation for your deployment method of choice.  To ensure you get results quickly, this article discusses some critical considerations for integrating using JavaScript tags.

Script Contents and Timing

The scripts must reference the Account ID of the Schema App Project associated with that website. For best results, the scripts should run within the first 4 seconds of the page loading. Use Dev Tools or to review when the Schema App scripts load.

Script Visibility and Permissions

To see value from GoogleBot or other bots indexing your markup, the integration scripts and JSON-LD must be accessible to GoogleBot.  Recall that GoogleBot does not interact with a webpage. The integration scripts and JSON-LD must load without any user action.

One scenario preventing GoogleBot from indexing markup scripts is when the integration scripts only load if a user accepts cookies. Schema App does not gather any personally identifying information regarding visitors to a website. If GDPR or HIPAA requirements are a concern, please review our documentation on how Schema App collects and uses data.

Scripts must be visible to GoogleBot. This scripts cannot be blocked by robots.txt. Some tag containers have settings enabled to block GoogleBot from seeing them.

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