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If available, we recommend using plugin/add-ons for deployment. Not only do they allow the Schema markup to reside server side (loads faster) but they can also be read by all search engines.

Another bonus is that some of our Schema App plugins automatically add schema markup code to your website for specific classes and properties. If the plugin doesn’t give you access to all of the classes and properties that you need to create a robust, complete schema markup strategy, pair it up with the Schema App Editor (and Highlighter). NOTE: Some plugins include access to the Schema App Editor.

Plugins / Add-ons

(** Works with Editor & Highlighter with a valid subscription) 

Tag Managers

Quick and Easy! Add the tag once and you’re done. Using a tag manager puts the digital marketing team in control of the schema markup deployment and provides them with the ability to do maintenance and updates outside of a development release.

Tag Managers can be used to deploy blocks of JSON-LD or Javascript that generates the schema markup from the page as your content is displayed in the browser. Once a template is created and the tag is setup, schema markup is created instantly. This method adds some overhead to the page.

Options include: Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten Manage, Adobe DTM, etc.

NOTE: Search engines like Google can process dynamic Javascript (used in Tags) but not all search engines can, although the landscape is always changing.

  1. Adobe DTM
  2. Tealium
  3. Google Tag Manager
  4. Adobe Launch
  5. Ensighten Manager

JavaScript API

Using JavaScript and our API key, you can integrate any Schema App into any web platform.

Quick and easy APIs for Squarespace and JavaScript.

Other Integration Opportunities

Schema App has other backend integrations and add-ons that are available. Explore our Knowledge Base or book a call to find the right solution for your content management system!

The Schema App team is always building out exciting new features and expanding the number of platforms they integrate with. If you do not see an automated integration for your platform, please let us know. We take feedback to heart as we develop new features to meet our customer’s needs! 

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