Step 1: Install the WordPress Plugin

1. Login to Schema App WordPress Integrations (under Deployment options) and copy the Account ID in step 6.

2. Login to your Wordpress website. 

3. Download the Plugin on WordPress from Plugin Repository.

In your WordPress site hover over the plugins tab on the ride side of your screen and click on "add new". Type in "Schema App" in the search bar. Click "Install Now". After downloading the plugin, click "activate plugin", and it will automatically be added to the plugins list in your WordPress account.

4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

It is important that you check to make sure the plugin is activated and ready to add markup to your site.


4. Go to Settings > Schema App


5. Setup Schema App Plugin

  • Choose whether the publisher is a person or organization. Note: To be eligible for Google's Article rich results, Publisher must be of type Organization.
  • Enter the publisher's name. This is the name of the company or person that is publishing the blog posts.
  • Upload a logo. Note the size requirements for the logo listed below.


wordpress deployment, steps 5-8

Once this is complete you will have installed the Schema App WordPress Plugin.

Step 2: Install the Advanced Plugin
Follow the steps in the Advanced Plugin Installation Guide

Once this is complete you will have installed Schema App WordPress Advanced.

Step 3: Complete Setup for Highlighter

If you are an Enterprise customer with a Highlighter subscription, you need to complete these steps to ensure your highlighter markup deploys and to avoid duplicate markup.

1. Navigate to Schema App Highlighter Integrations Page
2. Select the deployment method you and your CSM have chosen as the most appropriate for your website.

  • Standard Javascript is the most common but if site speed is a challenge one of the 3 other options may be more appropriate 

    3. Open the Dropdown for the deployment method you have chosen. Copy the script.

4. Add the script to the website, using Google Tag Manager or your preferred method. Make sure the script is applied to all crawlable URLs. 

5. Enable Highlighter in WordPress Settings > SchemaApp > Advanced

6. Installation setup is now complete. You or your CSM will still want to verify that your templates are deploying as expected.