For customers who want to deploy schema markup server side on websites where Schema App does not have an integration (contact us - maybe it's in our roadmap), we created the Schema App Webhook.

Webhooks notify applications when specific events occur on your Schema markup. Examples of each are below

To deploy via webhook you must first add an endpoint from Integrations > Webhooks > + Add Endpoint. Data will be sent to this endpoint based on changes in your markup, for example:

  • You update an item in the Editor
  • A crawler (if configured) runs and generates markup
  • Highlight JavaScript (if configured) runs and generates markup
  • Merchant Center runs and generates markup

The payload sent to your server contains information about where it originates from, and where you can new markup for that page by calling the API. For convenience the markup is included in the "graph" object which can be used directly. 

The webhooks page in integrations also provides the response we received from your server. You can resend webhooks as well to test your integration as you make changes. 

You can expand the row to see the full details of the request and response

For more information please contact