Export Data API - Bulk

Modified on Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 11:16 AM

Exporting in bulk is done through the export endpoint. This API allows users to page through data 500 (variable pageSize) items at a time. Requests are made to: https://api.hunchmanifest.com/export/{AccountID}/[{SubAccount]}?page={pageNumber}&pageSize={[1...1000]}&includeSubAccounts=[true|false]

  "@context": "http:\/\/www.w3.org\/ns\/hydra\/core#",
  "@id": "http:\/\/api.hunchmanifest.com\/export\/[ACCOUNT_ID]?page=36",
  "@type": "Collection",
  "totalItems": 27015,
  "member": [
      "[PAGE_URI]": {
  "view": {
    "@id": "http:\/\/api.hunchmanifest.com\/export\/[ACCOUNT_ID]?page=36",
    "@type": "PartialCollectionView",
    "first": "\/export\/[ACCOUNT_ID]?page=1",
    "last": "\/export\/[ACCOUNT_ID]?page=55",
    "previous": "\/export\/[ACCOUNT_ID]?page=35",
    "next": "\/export\/[ACCOUNT_ID]?page=37",
    "items": 500

Note: [Bold] values are variable, variables in square ([]) brackets are optional

Returned content is application/json with each of the member items being a dictionary with the accountID and base64 encoded url and the JSON-LD for that page. The view object allows paging through the results. Next and previous are optional and will not appear if they would otherwise be duplicated by first or last. The items in view represent the number of items retrieved in this request up to a maximum of 500. 

API Parameter Defaults:

  • page - default is 1

  • pageSize - default is 500

  • includeSubAccounts - default is false (aka 0)

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