Ensure Googlebot can load Schema App Integration Scripts

Modified on Mon, 22 Apr 2024 at 05:21 PM

One problem that can prevent a website from seeing ROI is for Google not to index their website or JSON-LD content correctly. This support article addresses common scenarios and solutions for addressing this problem.

Schema markup scripts only load after a user takes an action

Frequently, this scenario occurs when a tag container (e.g GTM) only fires once a user selects their cookie preferences. Less frequently, a tag container may fire upon a page click. Both of these scenarios are problematic: when Googlebot crawls and indexes web page, it will not interact with the page, and the content of those scripts will not be included in Google's index.

Scenario: Tag container only fires after cookies accepted

This is prudent practice when scripts in a tag container require user consent to fire, in order to comply with GDPR policies. Schema App does not collect user data or engage in customer tracking. For a complete overview of how Schema App uses gathers and uses data, you can review the support document: What does Schema App do with my data?

A common solution for this scenario is to place the Schema App integration scripts in a separate tag container with no user interaction conditions. If you have additional questions about data collect, GDPR compliance, or practical strategies to address this scenario, contact support@schemaapp.com or your CSM.

Scenario: Tag container only fires upon first click 

Fixing this often involves opening the settings of your tag manager and changing the trigger for the tag to run. For example, Google Tag Manager has a list of "trigger types"

Tag Container holding schema markup and scripts is marked as no-index

This scenario always makes our team chuckle and shake our heads. There's a poetic irony in explicitly preventing a search engine from seeing your SEO efforts, that you have to laugh at because you'd cry otherwise.

Signs and symptoms of this scenario include:

  • Expected results not appearing in the GSC Enhancement report
  • Validator and Rich Result Tests show valid markup
  • Site speed is not a concern
  • Reviewing the indexed page in GSC's URL inspection reveals that the Schema App integration scripts are not present

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