How To: Troubleshoot Live Markup Not Reflecting Updates and Changes

Modified on Thu, 06 Jun 2024 at 04:43 PM

When you've made a change to your markup, you're often eager to see those changes implemented on your live site, and reflected in your Schema Markup Validator or Rich Result Test results! There are several factors that might impact how quickly changes are reflected. This article defines these factors and provides suggestions for how to mitigate them.

Note: This support document assumes that integration is set up correctly. If you are not sure whether you've set up your integration correctly you can always contact


Schema App Server Caching: Refresh the JSON-LD in our Server

Typically, when you make a change in the Editor, those changes are reflected almost immediately in our server & content delivery network. If you've made significant changes - particularly related to URIs - you may wish to manually push the updated markup to our server.

Navigate to a data item that should be deploying to the page you are updating, or reviewing.

Select JSON-LD > View JSON-LD

Click the JSON-LD button and select "View JSON-LD" to see the markup from our server.

Select "Refresh JSON-LD"

Select the "Refresh JSON-LD" button. This will replace the markup in our Server so that it aligns with what you see in the Schema App Editor.

Validator or Rich Result Test Caching: Test the Rendered HTML

When testing with a URL, both the Schema Markup Validator and the Rich Results Test can cache results for up to 24h. When this happens, even if the markup on your live site is up to date, the tests will reflect your previous markup. To ensure you're reviewing the most up to date markup on your site, test the rendered HTML using the code snippet input on either test.

By using a fresh Incognito or Private browser window you're avoiding another possible layer of caching: your browser. We want the freshest of the fresh for our rendered HTML!

Open "Dev Tools" and navigate to the Elements tab

Open Dev Tools

Right click on your page and select "Inspect". You can also use the keyboard shortcut: CMD/CTRL + Shift + I.

The Elements tab shows the rendered HTML.

Copy & Paste the rendered HTML into the Testing Tool

Copy the rendered HTML

Navigate to the topmost HTML element, right click and select "Copy element"

Paste Rendered HTML into the testing tools

Both the Schema Markup Validator and the Rich Results Test have an option for testing code snippets. You can paste the entirety of your HTML into this field for validation.

Website Caching: Clear the Page or Site Cache

If the markup isn't appearing in your rendered HTML, then you may be dealing with caching at the site level. Follow the relevant instructions to clear the site cache based on your CMS. If you are wary of clearing the site cache for whatever reason you can choose to wait and let the cache refresh naturally.

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