How To: Confirm Schema App Scripts Have Been Added Correctly

Modified on Mon, 15 Apr 2024 at 01:29 PM

This support document outlines the process of confirming that Schema App's integration scripts have been successfully added to a website. It is important to configure these scripts correctly for schema markup to be sent from our CDN to your website in a timely manner. 


Note: this only confirms that the scripts are configured correctly. It does not confirm that schema markup is deploying.

Note: Some steps in this process may not apply to specific integrations (e.g JS scripts appear differently in Drupal and Tealium)

How To: Confirm Schema App Integration Scripts Are Added & Configured Correctly

Step 1: Navigate to the website you are testing the scripts for & open Dev Tools

To open up Dev Tools, use the keyboard command: "CMD/CTRL + Shift + I".

Alternatively, you can right click on the page and select "Inspect".

Step 2: Navigate to the Console and enter the window.schema_highlighter command

The Console tab is typically the 2nd tab from the left. Select the input field (where you see a ">" character). Type in "window.schema_highlighter" and press enter. You should see a response in the console, referencing your account ID and the parameters referenced in your scripts (e.g. outputCache = "false" or "true").

Step 3: Search for the two critical scripts (Optional)

This step may be helpful for further confirmation and/or troubleshooting. For example, if the Console command is returning as undefined, completing this step might help you identify what needs to happen to configure the scripts correctly. 

Navigate to the Elements tab, typically the first from the right.

Step 3.A: Search for "window.schema_highlighter"

You should see a result for:

<script>window.schema_highlighter={accountId: "ACCOUNT_ID", CACHE_STATEMENT}</script>

The Account ID in this script must match the Account ID associated with the Project for this website in Schema App.

The CACHE_STATEMENT parameters will vary depending on your tag manager and your chosen deployment method. Appearance changes (e.g. "true" becoming 1, or "false" becoming 0 or !1) are normal as long as they aren't state changes ("true" becoming "false").

Step 3.B: Search for "highlight.js"

You should see a result for:

<script async src=""></script>


Step 4: If results are unexpected, troubleshoot to the best of your ability or contact Support

To troubleshoot unexpected results, consider questions like: 

  • Are the scripts present or are they missing?
  • Do the scripts match exactly to the values I copied from Schema App? 
    E.g. are there characters that shouldn't be present? Are there characters missing?
  • Did I publish the tag container associated with these scripts?

You can always reach out to for further assistance.

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