BazaarVoice is a third party application that provides rating and review information for your site. With access to the Conversations API key, Schema App can integrate with BazaarVoice to generate automatic markup for ratings and reviews.

Note:  This integration can be deployed using the Highlighter javascript, or Google Merchant Center. For other deployment methods, contact

To integrate your BazaarVoice account with Schema App, follow these steps:

  1. Within BazaarVoice, ensure a user on your side has been set as the Technical Administrator. They will need to approve the API request.
  2. Add a user account for with the Technical Contributor Role.
  3. Schema App will request the Conversations API Key.
  4. The Technical Administrator (BazaarVoice) must approve the request.
  5. Notify Schema App once the request has been approved by the Technical Administrator.
  6. Schema App will inform you that the API key has been received and the integration process has begun.
  7. Schema App will inform you once the integration has been completed successfully, and content has been QA'd.

Full documentation for granting and requesting API keys can be found through BazaarVoice at