How to Export your Knowledge Graph from Schema App

Modified on Tue, 12 Sep 2023 at 03:45 PM

When you apply Schema Markup to your website you're creating a Knowledge Graph of your content. This Knowledge Graph can be exported in a number of formats. Learn more by reading below.


What is a Knowledge Graph?

A Knowledge Graph is a collection of relationships between things defined using a standardized vocabulary (like 

Most organizations have websites that consist of large amounts of information about the business – such as the products and services offered, locations, blogs, events, case studies, and more. However, the information exists as text on the website – which means the data is unstructured.

You can take this content and transform it into structured data by using Schema Markup to describe the content and entities on each page. By connecting your Schema markup, you are effectively developing your own content Knowledge Graph – a marketing knowledge graph filled with information about your business.

For more information about Knowledge Graphs, see our articles:

What kind of data can be exported from Schema App?

Schema App allows you to export two kinds of data with varied formats:

1. JSON-LD as a Page (.csv)

This export lists URLs and all the Schema Markup for each URL as it appears to search engines like Google. While this data is comprehensive, the format isn't well-suited for ingesting into other tools (not formatted as a true Knowedge Graph).

  • Helpful For: Validating markup for individual URLs
  • Data Sources: Schema App Editor, Schema App Highlighter, Schema App Plugins

2. JSON-LD, RDF/XML, Turtle

These exports provide raw data of your graph of entities. This data is best-suited for ingesting into other tools (formatted as a true Knowledge Graph).

  • Helpful For: Loading your Knowledge Graph into databases and tools (like extneral visualization tools)
  • Data Sources: Editor only

If you're interested in exporting and reusing your Knowledge Graph, we recommend selecting one of the formats in the second option.

How to Export your Knowledge Graph

  1. Go to Schema App > Settings > Export
  2. Select the Account you want to export data for
  3. Select the output format (JSON-LD, RDF/XML, Turtle)
  4. Click "Export"

Note: Schema App cannot currently export Knowledge Graph data from the Highlighter or Plugins.

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