How to Deactivate Ad Blocking Extensions in Google Chrome

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Due to limitations in the Google Chrome web browser introduced after January 1st 2023, the Schema App Highlighter Extension may be unable to communicate with the Schema App servers when ad blocking extensions are installed.

Because of this, it may be that case that you have to disable these extensions when using the Schema App Highlighter Extension.


This document will demonstrate the steps for deactivating and reactivating ad blocking extensions in Google Chrome

Resources Required:

  • An installation of Google Chrome web browser.


  1. Open Google Chrome, if not already open
  2. Open the extensions control page by opening the extensions control page through the menu. To do that:
    1. First, click on the "three dots" menu
    2. Then click on More Tools in the menu
    3. Then click on the Extensions option

    3. When the extensions control page opens, it will look something like the picture below.

Each of the tiles represents an extension that is loaded into chrome. In this case, there are three tiles, representing three extensions.

    4. Now, you should look for ad blocking extensions.  Common ad blocking extensions include:




However, your installation may have all of these, none of these, or other ad blocking extensions not listed here. You should look for anything that says that it blocks advertising, or uses similar language.

To deactivate an extension:

1. Write down the name of the extension that you are going to deactivate. You will want to keep this list somewhere safe so that you can reference it later when the times comes to reactivate the extension.

2. Click on the blue switch on each to turn it off.

3. Close Chrome and reopen it to apply the new changes.

To reactivate your extensions:

1. Return to the page, and click the toggle switch on each extension to turn it back on.

2. Close Chrome and reopen it to apply the change.

Alternate Solution:

If the above does not solve your problem, you can also create a new Google Chrome profile, which will be free of any preinstalled extensions.

Instructions from Google on how to add a profile can be found in the official documentation, here: Google Chrome Help: Add a new profile

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