Schema App Drupal Module: How It Works

This document describes how the Schema App Drupal Module works. It assumes that the module is downloaded and installed. 

Schema App’s Drupal Module has the ability to cache schema markup locally, pulling schema markup from Schema App’s Schema Markup Delivery Network. It is not dependent on any external packages.

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Pre Requisites    1

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Pre Requisites

This document assumes that the following prerequisites have been fulfilled.


  1. Valid Drupal 7, 8, 9 Installation

  2. Schema App Drupal module is downloaded and installed. Schema App’s Drupal module is available from Drupal. The project can be found at the link below:


  1. Valid Schema App Subscription

How IT Works

The Schema App Drupal module provides local caching for markup generated using Schema App. It uses Drupal's cache mechanism with Drupal’ web requests functionality to pull markup and store in the Drupal cache using standard Drupal hooks to add the markup to the page.

Deployment happens near real time on page load and the markup is injected into the page.

It provides a 24 cycle for cached resources allowing them to be refreshed within Schema App. Schema markup is deployed in real time but markup is not generated  real time, it will check the cache if empty/expired in real time.

Flow Chart


  1. Why hasn't my Schema Markup changed after updating?

The local caching of the module refreshes once every 24 hours so you will see the change go live after the plugin refreshes again. This is the intended behavior.

  1. I’m having trouble with Deployment. What can I do?

Please contact Schema app support at


More Information

You can learn more at the links below


For support with your Drupal module setup or to get your Account Id, contact your Customer Success  Manager or