Enhancing Schema Markup on Blogs and Articles

Modified on Wed, 21 Dec 2022 at 01:46 PM

Just by installing the Schema App Wordpress plugin you will get the schema.org AMP compliant markup for the all your page and post content. Page types such as Search. Author and Category also get default markup.

However, you may want to add additional markup to your pages. Now you can in one click. From your Wordpress blog, click on Add to Blogposting Default Markup. When you click on this button, Schema App will import the default markup from Wordpress and give you the option to add additional fields.

What should you add to the default Blog posting schema.org markup?

For an article or blog post you have a lot of options on what you can add. We recommend you complete the required, recommended and basic properties and then consider the following additional properties.

  • About - Add topics related to the blog.  Create a new instance, for the name, describe what the blog is about,  add the Wikipedia definition as the identifyer and select the most specific type for the topic.


  • Aggregate Rating - If the blog has a rating on it, add this to the page.
  • Article Body - Add the full text body of the blog into this field.
    has part - If the blog is comprised of other information, blogs, videos, etc then you can list them in "has part".
  • Offers - Does the blog relate to an offering (product, service, etc)? If so, link to it in the Offers field.
  • Video - Does the blog have a video in it? If so, link it here.
    Time required - How long does it take to read this blog? Enter it here in the the following format , for example, 1 hour 30 minutes would be P1H30M

Note: Editing an existing blog post will create a new Organization data item for that page. We recommend deleting the new Organization data item, and then linking to the Organization data item you created for your homepage.

Video on how to use Schema App to add additional schema.org markup to your blog or article

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