The type is eligible for Rich Results within search. Google's video markup guidelines contain requirements and recommendations to follow to make your content eligible for this rich result.

There are a number of ways to create VideoObject markup with Schema App's tools.

  1. Schema App WordPress plugin - The Schema App WordPress plugin will automatically create VideoObject markup for any videos on your site that are hosted by YouTube or Vimeo.

  2. Schema App Highlighter - The Schema App Highlighter will automatically create VideoObject markup for videos on a page that are hosted by YouTube. From within your Highlighter template, simply select the Video and select the "video" property.

  3. Schema App Editor - There are a couple things to consider before creating VideoObject markup in the Schema App Editor. First, does the video exist within another item, like a BlogPosting? If yes, create your BlogPosting markup first, then use the video property to connect to a VideoObject. If that's not the case, and the video is the main (or only) entity of the page, create a VideoObject data item for that page's URL. For more information, watch our video tutorial How to Optimize a VideoObject with Schema App Editor.