The  type is eligible for Rich Results within search. Google's guidelines on video markup provide requirements and recommendations to follow to make your content eligible for this rich result.

Schema App's tools provide a number of ways to create VideoObject markup quickly and easily.

1. Wordpress plugin - The Schema App WordPress plugin will automatically create VideoObject markup for any videos on your site that are hosted by Youtube.

2. Highlighter - The Schema App Highlighter will automatically create VideoObject markup for videos on a page that are hosted by Youtube. From within your Highlighter template, simply select the Video and select the "video" property.

3. Editor - There are a couple things to consider before creating VideoObject markup in the Schema App Editor. First, does the video exist within another item, like a BlogPosting? If yes, create your BlogPosting markup first, then use the video property to connect to a VideoObject. If that's not the case, and the video is the main entity or only entity of the page, you could create a VideoObject data item for that page's URL. For more information, watch our video tutorial How to Optimize a VideoObject with Schema App Editor.