Schema App’s Drupal Module has the ability to cache schema markup locally, pulling schema markup from Schema App’s Schema Markup Delivery Network. 

1. Download Module

Schema App’s Drupal module is available from Drupal. The project can be found at the link below:

2. Install the Module

  1. Installing the plugin follows Drupal’s conventions to learn more see here: 

  2. After installing
    1. Under Configuration -> System choose “Schema App module settings”

    2. Enter your Account ID and API Key which can be found in the schema app web application. Click 'Integrations' on the side menu. 

      Then click 'Drupal' (you may need to generate your api key.)

      Copy the Account ID and API key

      Paste Account ID and API key in fields provided.

    3. Optionally configure the frequency with checking the CDN for new content (in seconds), the default is once every 24 hours.

    4. Optionally check “Use get parameters” if your drupal configuration uses parameters over paths in its URL scheme i.e. as opposed to (In most cases this will be unchecked). 

      If you are not using Highlighter markup, Click 'Save Configuration'. No further action is required. This also applies to Crawler deployments.

      If you are using Highlighter Markup and Javascript, continue with step e and f

    5. If you are using Highlighter markup check "Enable Highlighter Javascript Markup" if you need to deploy Highlighter markup on your pages. 

      Then 'Save'. 

      Note: If you are checking this for the first time on an existing installation, you may need to clear Drupal's cache. 

    6. On Schema App web application:

      Click Integrations. Then Click 'See all Deployment Options' dropdown

      Select Drupal 

      Depending on how the script is to be added to the website, Select Google Tag Manager OR Javascript.

      Copy the script and add to the website using one of the methods. 

      No further action is required.                                                                                                      

Your plugin should now be activated and will be functional on URLs that you have created markup for in Schema App.


For support with your Drupal module setup or to get your Account Id, contact your Customer Success Manager or