Schema App’s Highlighter is only available to Premium and Enterprise customers and is used to quickly and easily produce Schema Markup for a large set of webpages at once. 

The Highlighter process looks as such:

  1. User sets up mappings of elements of the page to schema markup for the page template within the Schema App Platform. 


  1. Schema App generates a configuration file for the schema markup mapping for the specific page template. This is stored in their graph database.

  1. Schema App pushes a copy of the latest configuration file to their AWS Cloudfront cache. 

  1. On page load from the template, Javascript in a Tag Manager sends the URL to Schema App. The configuration file mapping to the specific URL is sent back to the page to load asynchronously (as to not impact page load) and generates the schema markup in JSON-LD for Google to read. The configuration file is stored in the cache of the browser should the user return to that page.