I create a new entity and am asked for a title (obvious), and there is a URI provided. What is the advantage of using this, instead of provided the URI to my website, or to Wikidata, or somewhere else. Are other third-party URIs available and valid?


When you create a new “thing”, in this example an Organization, we prompt you to name it, add a URI and define the type.  The name should be a common name that helps you reference what this markup is about.

The URI most commonly is the webpage URL you are adding the markup to, or a reference to where that “thing” is defined (e.g. Wikipedia entry).  The… is used if a URL is not specified so we can connect all the markup together in our graph database.  It should only be left if there is not a specific webpage or definition page available.


If we were adding the organization markup to our homepage, we would add as our URI. This URI is also used by the WordPress plugin, Google Tag Manager or API to pull in the correct JSON-LD.

If you were adding a reference to a city or a language, you might make the URI the wikipedia page for that city or language.

See examples of when we do this in our Local Business Tutorial.