We recommend creating a Generic Tag within Tealium.

Schema App has two JavaScript libraries that should be loaded as tags, one for our Editor (single pages) and one for our Highlighter (templated pages). The following instructions need you to replace both ACCOUNT_ID and API_KEY with the respective values for your Schema App subscription. 

These can be found in the application under the menu Integrations > JavaScript page

Schema App’s JS Tags:


<script async src="https://cdn.schemaapp.com/javascript/highlight.js"></script>


<script src="https://cdn.schemaapp.com/javascript/schemaFunctions.min.js"></script>


Note 1: Each tag will need to be added as their own Generic Script Tag.

Note 2: The ACCOUNT_ID must exclude http://schemaapp.com/db/


  1. First, go to the Tag Marketplace and add the Generic Tag to your profile (how to add a Tag?)

  2. Edit the vendor configuration with the base URLs:

    1. Highlighter: https://cdn.schemaapp.com/javascript/highlight.js

    2. Editor: https://cdn.schemaapp.com/javascript/schemaFunctions.min.js

For Editor Integration Only

  1. Create a new extension and redefine the internal callback function u.callback. Add the following code in the extension.

u.callback = function(){

        schemaLoad(“<ACCOUNT_ID>”, “<API_KEY>”);

  1. Scope the extension to the Generic Editor tag created above.


Q: Does the script make any additional requests, if so, how many and for what purpose?

A: Yes, both libraries make a request to the Schema App CDN to load related data. The schemaFunctions will fetch JSON-LD from data.schemaapp.com for the configured account and URL combination. Highlight javascript retrieves the page template configuration to map and generate schema markup. Additionally, on successfully generating schema markup, it makes a success request to Schema App for analytics purposes.

Q: What are some best practices for tag implementation? 

A: Make sure there are no constraints on the tag. Place in the header to ensure it has a priority load. 

Q: What can we expect in terms of average page load delays when loading the tag/script(s)?

A: We use Amazon CDN, average response time to load scripts or data is typically less than 40 milliseconds

Q. Should we not use the Tealium Integrations Tag? 

Although it can be found from the list of Tealium tags, we recommend creating a Generic Tag until further notice. More information on Tealium Generic Tags can be found within the Tealium Learning Center.