For customers who want to deploy schema markup server side on websites where Schema App does not have an integration (contact us though - maybe its in our roadmap) we provide 2 solutions that can work; a Webhook and a Data API. The alternatives for customers in this situation is to either Copy & Paste data into your CMS or use on the client side deployment from our Javascript integrations. 

Webhook Integration

The first is a webhook that can notify your application each time data changes. Customers can subscribe to a webhook, which immediately notifies users of schema data events. The workflow for this would be: 

  1. Create or Edit a Schema Item in the Editor
  2. JSON-LD Markup is generated
  3. A configurable, optional webhook sends a HTTP request to your application
  4. Client's Application receives the message and inserts the data into their database or cache
  5. When a HTML page is loaded in Client Application, the program adds a step to include a <script type="application/ld+json"> {{ SCHEMADATA }} </script> into the HTML

Example Webhook Types:

The EntityCreated example shows schema data in the “graph” property. 

To setup a template contact