I get the following errors in SDTT when I set the brand type: *brand* is not a known valid target type for the brand property. *@type* is not a type known to Google. What’s the cause of this error, and how do I properly set up a brand type in the Schema App Data Items in order to avoid this happening down the road?

This error message is saying that the type OrganizationOrBrand is not a schema.org type, and in our system we have a few of union types. The schema.org vocabulary in this case says it expects a data item that is either an Organization or a Brand. You are supposed to choose one or the other or a subtype of those. We use these union types to help with lookups in case you want to reuse the existing data items. So, to fix it, go to your data items report and find the data item – if you search for OrganizationOrBrand you will find it in the list. Then, select the url of the data item, which takes you to the editor. Press the Edit button, then near the bottom of the form will be the type property. Replace OrganizationOrBrand with the Brand. If you see a list in the selection box, pick http://schema.org/Brand.