Schema App provides a suite of tools to help manage your schema data, built-in business rules and we provide coverage of the entire vocabulary, whereas WPSSO does not provide you the ability to pick all class or properties (Our guess is they have around 30% coverage). The main difference is that they try to solve schema markup as silos of data while we help users create a network of linked data items, a knowledge graph. We also have reporting and rules to help you quickly identify for an entire site what needs to change when Google changes their rules. If you manage multiple accounts, the time and effort in maintenance is significantly reduced. Those are a few things that make it different, you may be able to get similar performance for search features but you’re limited with the properties you can add and classes you can choose from.

As well, our generator provides:

  • Lookup of saved entities
  • Required & Recommended Fields
  • Hosted Extensions (Auto, Bib, Health/Life Sci, FIBO)
  • Validation Rules
  • Multi-type entities
  • Range type selection
  • Use URLs of externally defined items
  • We have dozens of video training and provide biweekly coaching calls