1. Create a Google Tag Manager Account

Follow this link to set up a GTM account. Follow the steps to set up your account with your company name, and set up the retainer with the URL of the website which you are deploying to.

3. From Google Tag Manager, “Add New Tag”

Add New Tag

4. Give the new tag a name, E.g. Schema App
5. Click on Tag Configuration and choose “Custom HTML Tag”
6. Copy and paste the javascript tags from step 1 in to the HTML text box. Make sure to include the <script> tags.
custom tag
7. Click On “Triggering”, choose “All Pages”


8. Publish Your Tag

Go back to your dashboard and click on “Publish” in the top right corner of the page


You will be asked to name this “version”. We recommend naming it very clearly and adding detail about the tag in the description.


And that’s it! Now, when you create markup using Schema App’s Structured Data Editor, the markup is automatically deployed to your site. If you’re more of a visual learner, watch this video